Fun Foods

Our slush machines are supplied with flavoured slush, cups and spoon straws.

These slush machines will be supplied with enough slush to make approximately 60 x 7oz cups per hire.

Please note: price quoted is based on a 4 hour hire. If you hiring for an indoor hire and only have a short duration before the party to setup please inform us in the comments box when booking, so we can freeze the slush before arriving at your party.

The picture of this machine may not necessarily be the exact machine supplied, machine might be single barrel but the quantity will not change.

Should you have any specific requirements, please contact us before booking this item. 

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10 x Candyfloss

From £15.00

15 x Candyfloss

From £21.00

20 x Candyfloss

From £28.00

25 x Candyfloss

From £34.00

Candyfloss Machines

From £50.00

Popcorn machine

From £50.00

Slush machine

From £60.00

Candy Cart Unstocked

From £60.00

Cocktail slush

From £75.00

Slush Large

From £80.00

Hot Dog Machine

From £85.00

Boys Candy Cart

From £85.00

Girls Candy Cart

From £85.00


From £90.00

Large Cocktail Slush

From £90.00

Sweet Treat Package

From £140.00